ROHL Faucet Finish Homeowner’s Guide to Care and Maintenance

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Quite often, we are asked about polishes we might recommend for different metal finishes for Rohl faucets.  Rohl recommends three different polishes as of this post date of 10/16/2010. If you would like to download a copy of their brochure titled The Homeowner’s Guide to Care and Maintenance for your ROHL Finish”. Click here.  Below is an excerpt of their recommendations.

POLISHED CHROME — Time-tested Polished Chrome
is the hardiest of all our finishes. Rubbing and
polishing will rejuvenate the finish. Recommended
cleaning agents include Flitz Polish, Gagnon’s SX
and Simichrome.
POLISHED NICKEL — Use Gagnon’s SX or
Simichrome to polish and protect this finish. We
suggest periodically using Flitz Wax or Bruno’s Wax to
avoid spotting.
INCA BRASS — Use Gagnon’s SX to polish and
protect the finish.We do not recommend the use of
any other polish or wax on this finish.
SATIN NICKEL — This finish is achieved through a
meticulous process that produces an evenly worn
look. Use Gagnon’s SX to polish and protect. Apply
Flitz Wax or Bruno’s Wax to avoid spotting.
TUSCAN BRASS — Unlike any other ROHL finish,
Tuscan Brass is a living finish—it will lighten over time
as it is used. To maintain the original dark patina
color longer, we suggest a light coat of Flitz Wax or
Bruno’s Wax be applied regularly. To apply, pat the
wax on then off again with a soft cloth.DO NOT RUB.
No warranty is offered on the Tuscan Brass finish.
ENGLISH BRONZE — Available exclusively on Perrin
& Rowe® faucets from ROHL, this finish is easily
maintained by periodically using Gagnon’s SX to
clean and Flitz Wax to protect the finish.
ANTICO BRASS — This unique finish is protected by
a clear coat which is easily rejuvenated with
Gagnon’s SX polish.We also suggest using Flitz Wax
or Bruno’s Wax regularly to avoid spotting.

If you would like to purchase Simichrome polish, Flitz polish or Flitz Wax click here to go to our recommended metal polish supplier.

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