Wow look how Autosol cleaned this chrome fender

April 9, 2012 · Filed Under Autosol · Comment 

Well we have been dumpster diving again. Once in a while you see a piece that is thrown away by some one because they think it looks so bad.  So we picked this out of the metal bin at the local land fill and brought it to the shop to see what we could do.  This chrome fender wasn’t really rusted but had a dark crusty light yellow corrosion spot that was of pretty good size and did in fact take away from the looks of the fender. It really was an easy fix. Took less tan five minutes to clean up with Autosol metal polish.  We first took a tube of Autosol and applied a generous squeeze of paste about 2 inches long to the finger tips of out nitrile gloved hands. The Autosol polish was then spread thinly over the entire surface of the fender. Then just to make the job quick & easy, we put on a buff ball onto a battery powered drill. Buffed out the polish and then wiped off the excess polish with  a dry clean microfiber cloth. Thats it…the pictures speak for themselves. If you would like to try any of these items yourself, please consider purchasing them from our recommended online metal polish seller by clicking here.


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