Polishing a cast brass escutcheon with Wenol polish

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We were restoring a victorinan dresser in our shop recently. Of course as luck would have it one of the brass keyhole covers was missing on  a drawer face. We looked around in our junk box and found one that would match pretty close, or at least not catch your eye when you stood back a ways and looked at it. BUT, it was far to dull and tarnished to blend with the existing ones. So we reached for a tube of Wenol metal polish in the red tube. Using just a couple of little dabs of Wenol about the size of a pencil eraser did the trick. We rubbed it on with a cloth and then buffed it off with a clean spot and in less than a minute the brass blended in well. Take  a look at the before and after pictures and see the difference for your self. Need some Wenol ? Click here.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “The moral of the story is, don’t ever throw away old hardware that you replaced and always have a tube of Wenol polish by your side. “

Polishing your stainless steel beer making equipment

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In a previous post we gave details on how we polished a stainless steel beer keg for use in home brewing with wet dry sand paper and Autosol metal polish.  This post is to show you how we polished another keg or keggle, depending on your terminology, this time using polishing compound bars and finishing with Wenol Red  metal polish. The technique took us about 1/3 the time, but the finish while bright and shinny, was a little more subtle than when we used the wet or dry sand paper routine.
In the first post about polishing stainless kegs, we wanted to do it by hand with no power tools. In this post we will use a Ryobi 18v cordless drill, a couple of spiral sewn buffing wheels and a Promo Buff Ball. The type of items you most likely have around or can readily procure most anywhere.
We used the same Black & Decker Workmate bench as the last time, opening it up enough so the keg when on its side could be easily spun to an un-shined spot. We then took a 4 inch spiral sewn buff wheel and raked it with a flat bladed screw driver. If your wheel was not raked before, you might want to do it outside as you will produce quite a bit of lint. Then at low speed we applied the brown tripoli compound onto the wheel. You do this by using light pressure. The friction will cause heat and thus get the compound onto the wheel. You don’t need a lot on the wheel. Then again starting on slow speed we lightly touched the wheel to the stainless steel surface. Increase your speed and work in a small area 8 inches long or so in between the ribs of the keg. You don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the wheel to see good results. Keep the wheel spinning and moving, not staying on the same spot long at all. In fact if you sense that the metal is getting hot or warm to the touch, let it cool and don’t apply nearly as much pressure and move faster. After you have gone the entire circumference of the keg, move to the next ribbed section, applying more compound as necessary until you have the keg completely done.
Next we prepared to go to the green stainless compound. You can either rake off any remaining brown tripoli compound you have on your wheel, or just simply go to another new wheel. Apply the green compound to the wheel as done above and polish the keg in a similar manner as before until finished. We then washed down the keg with warm soapy water, rinsed and dried with a microfiber cloth. By now you should have a nice bright surface.
Now to put the cherry on top of the cake, we used Wenol  metal polish in the red tube. We applied polish to the tips of our nitrile fingered gloves and spread evenly over the whole section between each raised rib of the keg. We then put on a Promo Buff Ball onto our cordless 18v Ryobi drill and starting slowly so the polish did not splatter, increased the speed and buffed the keg to a really nice shine. We applied more polish to each ribbed section until the whole keg including the lid was shined. You should remove any excess polish and wash the keg with warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly before using to to brew. Down the road as your equipment’s shine dulls down somewhat, you can easily bring back the shine with just another application of  Wenol polish and hand buffing. Wenol has long been used in the restaurant business for cleaning  and shining expensive professional pots, pans and catering equipment. If you are looking for Wenol polish click here to be taken to our recommended online supplier.


Wenol polish review using the polish on Baldwin Fixtures & Horse Halters

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We like to post real customer reviews of different metal polishes. Today is one for Wenol Red Polish sent to WinterBrookFarmAntiques.com
“I have been using Wenol Metal polish for so many years that I really can’t remember from whom I ordered the product but it was a catalog order. This order I could not find the catalog witch sells Wenol so I Googled it and found your company.  I think that this is the BEST metal polish on the market and I am using it to polish Baldwin Brass fixtures and name plates in my barn, also name plates on the horses halters. It works much better than Bxxxxx for my purposes. Thank you for processing my order so quickly and I appreciate the discount and the purchase of multiples.”
If you need some Wenol, why not buy it from them also. You can do it easily by clicking right here.

Wenol Polish 2013 price Increase Announced

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New prices for 2013 Wenol polish for USA dealers and distributors  is now in effect. Expect to see higher prices to start to trickle down the pipe line as new stock is ordered and dealers become aware of the increase.
Basically, the price of Wenol Red in tubes will increase around 4 %, Wenol Blue Ultra Soft polish in tubes will increase about 3% and Wenol Red in cans will increase about 10%.   Wenol normally increases prices once per year. But they are always subject to change without notice.  The price hinges on the manufacturers pricing as well as how the dollar is trading against the Euro at time of shipment. So…a word to the wise…if you are a volume user of  Wenol, think about stocking up a little at the old prices if you can find them.

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