Removing the haze from the cover of a crock pot with Flitz polish

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Our crock pot that we love to do our slow cook stews in is getting pretty old. It works fine but the plastic cover had become hard to see through. Rather than throw it out and buy a new one, we decided why not just try to clean the top. Of course it had been washed every time it was used and even put through the dishwasher but it still seemed to get hazier over the years  and hard to see through, making the food somewhat unappetizing as you looked through the cover.

Flitz metal polish

Materials Used

Instructions and Application :

1. Right out of the tube squeeze 10 or so pencil size dots of polish around the perimeter of the under side of the plastic crock pot cover.

2. Take a microfiber cloth, or any soft lent free cloth, and rub in the polish in small circles until the entire inside of the cover is cover with a thin film of polish.

3. Turn the microfiber cloth to a clean section and buff off the Flitz polish before it dries.

4. Repeat the steps above for the outside and edges of the cover.

5. If your cover comes out as clean and clear as ours did, you are all set. If you still have a little haze, reapply the Flitz polish and buff again until you get the results you require.

6. Before you use the top again, wash the top with soap and water and even put it through the dishwasher to make sure all remnants of the polish are gone.

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Before & After:

hazed crock pot cover hazed crock pot cover after being cleaned with Flitz polish
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Flitz Polish does carry a USDA label. It is safe to use around food processing equipment. But use common sense and thoroughly wash items with warm soapy water and rinse before using..”

Cleaning patio door glass in cold weather with little or no water or cleaners.

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Have you ever wondered how to clean your patio doors in cold weather ? Recently we had a cold snap here in my part of  New England. Sitting in our family room looking out the Andersen Frenchwood patio door, you could not only see finger prints from our little grand daughter but just the general haze that seems to adhere to the glass both inside and out. The door really needed to be washed, but being cold and all it would not be fun. What was decided on was just using a microfiber cloth. The beauty of these cloths is that you really don’t need any glass cleaner  or for that matter any water to get clean streak free glass.  This is great for cleaning the glass outside when the temperature is at or around the freezing mark. Even when you clean the inside glass it is nice to only have to  spray a speck of  just water rather than any chemicals.  It is safer, cheaper and greener for all concerned. The next time you need to clean your windows whether they are in your house or car try some microfiber cloths. You will be pleased with the results and they leave no lint behind. You will also save money by not wasting paper towels, spending money on cleaners and its good for the environment. Where can I buy microfiber cloths ?  If you can’t find them in your area or would like to try the ones that we used, you can buy great quality different sized microfiber cloths online from our recommended supplier by clicking here. You will get them in no time from a dealer you can trust.

Andersen patio door glass before cleaning microfiber cloths Andersen patio door glass after cleaning
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : ” The handy 7 inch square microfiber cloths are just the right size for cleaning your reading glasses or computer screens. “

Scenes at the Berkshire Charity Auto Show

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This past Saturday was perfect weather for the Berkshire Charity Auto Show held at Hillcrest in Pittsfield, Ma.  This is a major fund raiser for the United Way locally. Posted are some pictures showing cars and what ever caught our fancy. Talking with many car owners, there seemed to be no particular detail polish that was used by the majority, but one product that stood out was microfiber cloths. The size seen most were about 16″ X 16″. About everywhere you looked you would see owners wiping down there cars with them or in their box of detail products that they used carefully packed in the trunks of the cars or placed out of sight under the rear of the cars. If you get a chance, don’t miss next years show.

Steve Seyleer's 1963 Corvette John LaVardi 51 Chevy Pick Up
Mustangs at Hillcrest GM at Hillcrest
Remember car hops? Oldies at Hillcrest
microfiber cloths

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