Chrome exhaust systems, ugly to polished in minutes with Blueaway & Simichrome polish

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This polish instruction tip will show you how to restore your chrome exhaust pipes, mufflers and extensions. Keeping exhaust systems looking good is a difficult job because of the elements as well as the bluing and discoloration caused by the heat of the exhaust.  At the bottom of this post are four before and after pictures for your review. To tackle this job, Happich BlueAway was used to start the job and the final shine was finished with Simichrome polish.

BlueAway & Simicrome polish

Materials Used:


1. Start your cleaning process with BlueAway. It is manufactured by Happich,  the makers of Simichrome Polish .

2.  Shake the BlueAway bottle for a minute or so.  Then apply it with a soft clean moistened cloth.

3. Just simply rub on the the BlueAway  in short oblong strokes until film and corrosion is lifted. The Blueaway even took off the rust on this pipe.

4. Buff with another clean cloth and look at the results.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 as necessary until you are satisfied.  It took 3 applications before the pipe we were cleaning was to our liking.

5. As a last step we polished the pipe to a final shine and higher luster with Simichrome polish.  A few dabs of Simichrome directly from the tub was rubbed on, using the finger tips of our nitrile gloves. It is not that the polish is harmful to your skin, it is just that the gloves do in fact keep your hands clean.

6. Wipe off excess polish with a clean soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth and you are done. The results shown in the pictures below speak for themselves.

7. Another option for speeding up the application of the polishes is to use a 3″  buff ball on a drill.

Before  and After:

tailpipe before polishing with BlueAway & Simichrome tailpipe after polishing with BlueAway & Simichrome
tailpipe before polishing with BlueAway & Simichrome tailpipe after polishing with BlueAway & Simichrome
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Run your engine until the exhaust you are polishing is warm to the touch and turn off the engine. The polishing procedure seems to work easier because the metal has expanded and is warm.”

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