Same Autosol polish used by industry will shine your chrome & aluminum

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How widely used a product is, often is a reflection on how good it is. We recently received this e-mail from an old Autosol polish customer.

” I have used Autosol for a long time. My son used it where he worked to clean rollers that made plexiglass.  I use it to clean up old chrome and aluminum on old motorcycles. Best thing I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a bunch. I’m glad you have it because I use a lot even tho it takes very little. ”

Take a look at the Harley Davidson bike he uses it on ! Why not order some Autosol polish from our recommended supplier by clicking here.


Collecting pressed pennies in the USA

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So…I really like to hear from anyone that has a use for any metal polish that is out of the normal things you tend to think about using it for. I would like to thank Karen for telling me about a hobby that  was unknown to me. AND for sharing pictures of a pressed penny. Now, I have seen these machines along the Mass Pike that you put a penny in and it presses a logo of one of the Boston sports teams or Cape Cod etc, but little did I know that not only do people have large collections of these but that also there are a number of clubs and news letters such as the Elongated Collectors . You can visit their website by clicking here , if you want to delve into this hobby a bit. While some collectors only want to use uncirculated coins, many want to use pre 1982s because of the higher zinc content. So you are starting with an old penny that has been God knows where and in many cases putting it through a pressing machine that has dirty rollers…well you get the picture. So what is often done, is to after the pressing,  wash it with a solution of vinegar & water, maybe even use a little Bar Keepers Friend. Then to finish off the shine, Karen uses Autosol metal polish. As she states “ The first picture is before the polish and the second picture is afterwards. You can signal planes with it now!!!!!!!!!  I now have polished over 200 pressed pennies with your polish and still have most of the tube of polish left.”  I think this is a great hobby, that I would like to get my grand kids into. It’s inexpensive, something they can do on their own, and when they go to Disney and other venues, a really nice souvenir. Check the before and after pics below. If you would like to try some Autosol metal polish, please buy it from our recommended supplier by clicking here.

 pressedpenny  pressedpenny1



Upcycling a Boston apartment

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Looking for decorating ideas for your apartment or dorm? Check out the pictures below of vintage car hub caps. They came out of a back room of an antique store in the Berkshires. Your imagination, a little time and some Autosol metal polish and you’ve got some thing to make your friends envious.  The mirror  finished table was also an upcycle project. Don’t know what type of polish to buy or how to use it on your project? Well then, take a look at some of the other posts and videos on  this very website you are on. To look for polishes, applicator cloths, buff balls etc, click here to buy them from our recommended online supplier. You will get them quickly.


Making a custom sharpening stone to polish gouges to a mirror finish with Autosol metal polish

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autosoltubepgThis post is a review of a youtube video that was sent to us by a customer done by Crimson Custom Guitars. A link at the end of the post will bring you to this video which we recommend you watch in its entirety. The video of 15 minutes is well done and shows the theory of sharpening any metal cutting surface. One of the most interesting parts is at about the 10 minute mark of the video where Ben Crowe shows you how to make a custom stone out of soft wood. It is an ingenious idea that works remarkably well with the use Autosol metal polish as shown. To see the video click here. To buy Autosol metal polish click here to purchase it from our recommended Autosol online distributor.

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