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The polish guy has been restoring antiques & collectibles for over 30 years, using many different polishes and cleaners. The polish guy has also sold metal and plastic polishes for well over 20 years.

This blogs intent is to both demonstrate polishes and polishing techniques.
You will be able to see how various brands of polish in action and reasons why some may be better than others for you application.

You may even find useful ideas for your favorite polish that you never even thought of for your home, hobby, business or occupation.

Please feel free to link to ThePolishGuy.com blog. We only ask that if you post a small part of the information from this blog elsewhere, that you keep it in context and you  link back to this site.  Please do not re-post a complete section in its entirety with out permission from us. If you use any picture on this site you need to give us credit for the picture and link back to us. As an example, you may not copy a picture of a product from our site and link it to eBay, Amazon or others. Thank you.

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    Cleaning a headlight Using Autosol polish
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