Rohls Faucet Needs TLC

January 19, 2017 · Filed Under Simichrome 

We recently received feedback from a customer that purchased Simichrome polish for her Rhol faucet.  If you have a polished chrome faucet, Simichrome should work well for you. However if you do have another finish on your Rohls fixture you may want to click here to see their recommendations for polishes that are safe to use. Or visit their website. Need parts for Rohls faucets and fixtures, then click right here to see a  wide selection  If you need to get some Simichrome polish quickly, why not buy it from our recommended source,

"I have a Rohl kitchen faucet that needed some TLC.  I used the internet
to search on its care and your product came up. I will be using on all
my chrome fixtures to spiff them up!!"


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