Salt spray on aluminum, how to polish?

July 9, 2015 · Filed Under Flitz Polish 

We put this question to the Flitz rep a few weeks ago that came through our e-mail. “I’m trying to bring back some aluminum back that is in an engine room of a boat that initially looked like glass.  But we had a water pump blow and it sprayed salt water all over the aluminum.  I was wondering what you would recommend for trying to buff the pits out of the aluminum and bring it back.” The reply from the Flitz rep was as follows : ” He can use Flitz paste polish with bronze wool pad #0000 ( NOT STEEL WOOL )  it will leave rust. Put it on buff it out with the bronze pad then buff with buffer or absorbent cloth like a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Do it in small areas at a time.” The only caveat I would add is try this in an inconspicuous spot and see if you like the results and where you can practice to get a feel for the job at hand. Also is the problem with pitting depending how deep it is. Polish usually will only return the shine at best, not remove pitting in my experience.

 Flitz metal polish


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