Bike care – removing rust from handle bars with Simichrome polish

May 15, 2011 · Filed Under Microfiber Cloths, Simichrome 

This polishing instruction tip, gives directions for removing light rust marks,  cleaning, polishing & restoring  your bikes handle bars with Simichrome polish.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “  Keep a couple of microfiber cloths along with you on your bike trips. The larger 16 inch ones are good for not only polishing your bike, but are also handy to dry off your bike if you get caught in a sudden rain shower. A dry bike is a rust free bike.”
Simichrome Polish in a tube

Materials Used:


1.First wash your bike to insure it is free of road grime and surface dirt. Apply a good size dab of Simichrome to the finger tip of your nitrile glove about the size of a dime. You may also apply the polish directly from the tube onto the surface you are polishing. You may even apply the polish directly to your cloth and then spread onto the surface. Remember a little polish goes a long way.

2. Spread the polish evenly over the entire surface, do not let the polish dry. It is very helpful if you use nitrile gloves to polish as the rust and oxidation stays off your hands. They also keep your hands and fingers from cracking, as they keep the chemicals off your skin.

3. Using any soft cloth use moderate pressure to buff the polish. You will notice the rust marks come off  and onto your cloth. Keep turning the cloth over to a clean spot and rub over the entire surface you want to polish until no more  residue is visible on the cloth.

4. At this point, do the final shine rub down. We used a microfiber cloth, as it picks up any remaining polish residue and will polish the handle bars to a mirror finish.

5. The Simichrome will leave a thin unnoticeable film layer that will delay further corrosion, repel dust and lengthen time required between polish jobs.

6. If you need Simichrome polish, nitrile gloves or microfiber cloths, please support our recommened online polish supplier by clicking here. They ship fast and if you have any questions offer good customer support.

Before and After:



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