Cleaning and brightening stainless steel gun finishes

February 12, 2010 · Filed Under Flitz Polish, Simichrome 

On occasion we hear of inquiries concerning the question of brightening the finish of stainless steel guns etc. This is a post from from 2008. It compares one users opinion about a number of popular metal polishes for this purpose.

“The most often used polishes for stainless guns are:

Simichrome polish:
This is available MANY places, online and locally.

Flitz. Usually more often recommended then Simichrome due to it’s finer abrasive:|102578539 9&gclid=CN-onMmaypICFSXNIgod5x-9YQ
Again, available MANY places online and local.

Mother’s Mag. Available in most automotive and motorcycle shops and often at Wal-Mart.
This is one of the most often recommended.

Online and locally.

Truth is most any good grade metal polish recommended for stainless will do.
Just be careful not to over do it, since this will make the metal too shiny.
If what you want is a bright polish job, get the Mother’s Mag.

When using ANY metal polish on guns with finishes other than stainless steel, be careful. ALL metal polishes are abrasive, no matter WHAT they may say.
Use too often or too hard, and these will all strip bluing and other gun finishes off.
While they will also polish plastic, you may not want a shiny, slick polymer frame.

So, for a bright, high mirror-like shine, use Mother’s Mag, for ordinary use, Flitz is milder.

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If you would like to follow the complete thread on this subject in the forum quoted above click here.

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Flitz metal polish Simichrome polish in a can


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