Schulmerich recommends Simichrome polish to clean handbells

September 9, 2009 · Filed Under Simichrome 

We are always happy to report independent recommendations for metal polishes. Today’s is from Schulmerich Handbells for Simichrome polish.  Schulmerich is the world’s largest producer of carillons and handbells, and is one of only a handful of handbell manufacturers in the world. On page four of Schulmerich’s Handbell Care & Maintenance Manual states ” Should a bell become so badly tarnished that it cannot be cleaned with the polishing cloth, cleaning with a polish such as Simichrome®, available from Schulmerich, will remove most stubborn tarnish. When using polish, apply with a clean soft cloth or cheesecloth. Do not allow the polish to dry. Remove immediately following application. ” For more information on  Schulmerich Handbells click here. Looking to buy Simichrome polish? Click here.

Simichrome Polish in a tube


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