Caring for the painted finish of your Kubota Tractor

May 12, 2009 · Filed Under Flitz Polish 

This polishing tip instruction gives directions for the use of Flitz Waxx Protectant on your new tractor. The before and after pictures for this post are of a Kubota T1880 Lawn tractor. It will of course work for any brand, so don’t worry if you are a John Deere or Simplicity fan.  Flitz Waxx Protectant is  very easy to use. Its main purpose is to give your tractors’ painted finish  protection and a high shine. It is a water based formula that contains White Carnauba and Beeswax that gives up to 9 months  worth protection from fresh water and six months protection from  salt water.  Important if you use a snow blower and your tractor gets salt on it. Anything that will help to resist rust is a good thing.  When this tractor was deliver by the dealer, it was a little dirty and even a bit greasy. Its best if you can get it nice and detailed before you use it.  That way it is much easier to keep clean after mowings with just a quick rinse of the hose. You know how it is, thaemachine has to be clean if you expect your wife to be out there on it mowing that 2 acres of lawn. Its no fun to be watching TV if you know she will be coming in at a critical time of the game complaining how grimy that tractor is.  I would rather put the initial time in and get the finish cleaned and waxed , so that after the game when the lawn is finished I can just go out and rinse that baby off and put it away till next time.

…just kidding, NOBODY touches my Kubota.

Flitz Waxx Protectant

Materials Used

Instructions and Application :

1.  In a shady area out of the direct sun light, wash the tractor down with a grease cutting soap. A couple of cap fulls of Lysol 4&1 Cleaner or any brand of similar nature in a bucket of warm water will do.

2. Get all the greasy hand prints and film off , rinse and let air dry or wipe dry.

3. Shake the Flitz Waxx bottle well. Pump the wax directly from the bottle onto a soft cloth and rub the wax onto your tractor and its parts. Work a small area at a time and let dry. Don’t wax the floor mat, foot operating pedals  or seat.

4. Buff to a shine.  We had great results buffing out the wax with a microfiber cloth. It was quick and easy. Continue as before until the whole tractor and even the mower deck is done.

5. To maintain your tractors’ luster, avoid washing with soap, instead add 2 cap fulls of Flitz Waxx Protectant to a gallon of warm water. Wash as normal, rinse and air or wipe dry. You have quite an investment in your new tractor…keep it looking good for years with Flitz!

Kubota tractor before waxing Kubota tractor after waxing
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Flitz Waxx Protectant gives great UV protection so your paint will resist color fade. It is also safe to use on any acrylic plastic trim that may be on your tractor.”


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