How do I clean nickel trim on my cook stove ?

March 24, 2009 · Filed Under Autosol, Flitz Polish 

Nickel trimmed Sweetheart cook stoveA question often asked and searched for on Google is how do you clean nickel trim on cook stoves. One of the answers may well be from the makers of the Sweetheart and Oval wood cook stoves, Heartland Appliances. Click here to go to their website. Under their FAQs,  they have the same question. Heartland Appliances answer is  “Nickel plated trim can be cleaned with any non abrasive metal or chrome polish such as Autosol or Flitz.  Autosol is our preferred choice…….. “.  In the Heartland Appliance manuals under the maintenance section for cook tops,  further recommendations include  “The stove tops and lids are highly polished untreated cast iron. To minimize the potential for permanent stains, always maintain the top with cooking oil. During periods of heavy use, a light coating is sufficient. When you will not be using the stove for a week or more, give the top a heavier coat and re-apply as needed. Always remove food, water or rust stains as quickly as possible. If such stains are left unattended, a permanent mark can result. To help remove stains, use a medium/fine aluminum oxide abrasive sanding block, available at most hardware stores, or a metal cleaner such as Flitz, in conjunction with fine (000) steel wool. Do not be afraid to use elbow grease.”

Autosol in a tube Flitz Liquid polish
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Do not try to clean porcelain surfaces of your stove while it is hot. Because porcelain is glass, sudden changes in temperature may cause cracking of the finish. “


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