Episode #12 – Lets Polish A Copper Boiler Using Simichrome and a BüffBall

March 13, 2009 · Filed Under Flitz Polish, Simichrome 

In this demonstration we use  Simichrome and a Five Inch Buff Ball to polish an antique copper boiler with a bootleggers top . The tutorial includes detailed work instructions and best practices.

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Materials Used:

Instructions and Application

1. Apply a dime size spot of Simichrome polish onto the finger tip of your nitrile glove. The nitrile gloves is an easy way to apply a controlled thin amount of polish onto the copper boiler top without wasting any, as you would if it is applied with a cloth. In times like this, it pays to stretch a buck, right?  The gloves also aid in keeping your hands clean. Cover about 1/2  of the surface of the top or a section that is easy for you to work on . Wait a  few minutes or so and then wipe off the polish with a soft rag before it dries. The use of a microfiber cloth works very well for this purpose. Turn it often to get to a clean spot and buff briskly to the sheen you desire.  If you want a deeper cleaning of the corrosion from the boiler, use the finest steel wool, commonly called 0000. By reapplying the Simichrome polish and continued buffing, you can clean all the corrosion off to the bright original copper finish. It’s up to you what sheen you like. I chose a gentler shine with a hint of green corrosion, as I am treating this as an antique and do not want a bright shine. I wanted a clean look with a nice old patina feel to it. That is the beauty of working with Simichrome polish, you can get the effect you want.

2. If you would like quicker results with less elbow grease, try a 5 ” Buff Ball. Apply the Simichrome as discussed above. Start the BuffBall slowly. Speed up the drill and you will be able to quickly shine the copper top.  The Buff Ball is nice in that it does not tear or cake up the polish like cheaper cotton buffs do. It also does not leave any lint on and in  your finish. We like using it and highly recommend it.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : Always use the Flitz Buff ball in the forward or right turn rotation.

Before and After:

copper boiler before being polished copper boiler after being polished with Simichrome


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