Keeping Hirano C and Comma chrome plated rolls nick and scratch free with Simichrome polish

February 26, 2009 · Filed Under Simichrome 

Simichrome polish is  well know in industrial circles for  polishing tool and die molds, extrusion dies, precision metal products, and coating machine chrome plated rolls.  It is also used as a purging compound to remove residue on mold and die cavities after prolonged molding of plastic parts. Simichrome polishes without scratching any ferrous or non-ferrous metal producing a  smooth finish on even the most delicate, precision equipment and parts.  Recently Dave Haines , the Manufacturing Manager for Yardney Technical Products, Inc.,  told us ” We use Simichrome polish on our chrome plated C and Comma rolls on our Hirano coating machine.  Those rolls must be absolutely free from nicks and scratches and be smooth for good coating transfer to the substrates, and Simichrome gives us a great smooth finish on the rolls to do that. By the way, our coated materials are used in the electrodes that have made, among other things, the Lithium Ion battery cells that are presently running all over Mars on the Rover vehicles Spirit and Opportunity, and have been running for 4+ years longer than was thought possible for the mission.”

Materials Used to polish C and Comma rolls on  Hirano coating machine:

Mars Rover battery Mars Rover


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