Simichrome polish used to shine the tombak buttons on an 1890s period Imperial German Infantry Tunic

February 18, 2009 · Filed Under Simichrome 

Simichrome polish was used to polish the tombak  (which is a copper alloy) buttons on the 1890s period Imperial German Infantry Tunic shown below. European uniforms from this era were very colorful. The buttons looked like pennies that had been buried in the ground. An application of Simichrome Polish restored them and helped to sparkle them like new. J. L. Danenberg,  who owns this uniform, collects antique militaria – primarily Imperial German, 1840 – 1918.  He tells us that many of the articles (uniforms, weapons, etc.) have brass, copper, or other metals that need cleaning. “Simichrome is the best product that I have found for this task. Being a thick paste, rather than a liquid, it stays where you put it. Nothing could be worse than getting polish where it DOESN’T belong – for example, the buttons on an Imperial Grenadier tunic (130 years old) are polished copper, often dull with age. Unfortunately, they are sewn onto heavy brocade bonded to wool. Spilling liquid polish would be a disaster, ruining a (very) valuable item.” If you are interested in Mr Danenberg’s collection, some of what is offered for sale by him, you can contact him here.

Materials Used to polish the tombak buttons:

Imperial German Infantry Tunic Imperial German Infantry Tunic


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