Episode #11 – Polishing Aluminum Alloy Rims On a Subaru Tribecca Using Simichrome and a Buff Ball

January 27, 2009 · Filed Under Flitz Polish, Simichrome 

In this demonstration we useSimichrome Polish and a  Buff Ball to clean and polish a Subaru wheel rim. The tutorial includes detailed work instructions and best practices.

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Materials Used:

Instructions and Application :

1. Before we started to polish this Subaru wheel, it was washed to remove loose road dust & dirt so as not to scratch the wheel.  Then we were ready to detail the wheel  to bring back the factory shine. Start by applying  a small amount of Simichrome polish right from the tube about the size of a nickel and spread it evenly on the car wheel with your  finger tips of your gloved hand. Nitrile gloves make a lot of sense to use on your hands as they are  non allergenic, that not only keeps your hands clean but also allows you to apply the polish with much less waste. Using this technique, the Simichrome polish spreads on evenly onto the wheel surface. You also can feel  less drag on the polish as it removes hard to remove road grime, brake dust and corrosion.

2. If you would rather apply the polish with a cloth, do so. Many people do use any old soft cloth they have around.  We recommend using a microfiber cloth and rub the paste in a circular motion until all the grime & corrosion has lifted off . Microfiber cloths because of the nature of the way they are made work well for this application or for that matter almost any thing in the way of car detailing.

3. Continue around the wheel until finished. You may need to apply the polish additional times to clean and polish the wheel until you are satisfied with the results.

4. Turn over the micro fiber cloth and wipe all the polish off and buff to a shine.

Optional – Use of the Large Five Inch Buffing Ball will save you a lot of time. As the buff wheel spins it will shape itself and get into the openings of the wheel.  This makes the job much faster than doing it by hand with a cloth. It also does a better job of shining the wheel.

1. Apply Simichrome polish evenly on the car wheel with the fingertips of your nitrile glove.

2. With the buffing ball on your cordless power drill, start the drill at a low speed so that the  buff ball  does not splatter the polish all about.

3. Increase the speed of the buff ball and watch how easily it gets into all the tight and hard to get to spots.

4. Continue around the  wheel until finished.

5. Use a micro fiber cloth and wipe all the polish residue off.  Flip the microfiber cloth over to a clean side  and buff to a final shine.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : Simichrome polish leaves a light invisible protective film that will keep your wheels looking good longer.


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