Guide to polishing a brass hanging lamp fixture with Simichrome polish

December 29, 2008 · Filed Under Simichrome 

In this polishing tip a 30 year old hanging brass light fixture is restored using Simichrome Metal Polish.

Simichrome Polish in a tube

Materials Used:


1. Apply a dab of Simichrome to the finger tip of your nitrile glove about the size of a dime.

2. Apply the polish to the arms of the light fixture and base finial and rub it evenly over the entire surface with moderate pressure. Let stand for a couple of minutes to work, but do not let the polish dry.

3. Although any soft cloth will work fine, a microfiber cloth does a better job of removing the polish residue. Flip the microfiber cloth to a clean area and shine to the desired sheen.

4. Continue the process on the shade holder & globe part of the hanging lamp following the above application. In the intricate detail of the pierced design of the shade holder, use a Fuller Horse Hair Detail Brush to get the polish in and out of the intricate design areas of the light fixture.

5.  As this is a vintage piece, the idea is to just clean and polish the lamp fixture so that it looks good, not shine it to a brilliant mirror finish. Although you certainly could if that was the finish you wanted.

Hanging Light Fixture Before Being Polished:

Vintage light fixture before polishing

Before and After Close Ups:

light fixture before being polished Light fixture after polishing with Simichrome


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