Removing white film from gas fireplace glass doors with Flitz polish

December 5, 2008 · Filed Under Flitz Polish 

In this polish tip, Flitz polish is used to remove the white film haze that builds up on a gas fireplace inserts’ glass front. There is usually no carbon build up on gas appliances that are operating correctly. If not adjusted properly you may see  some soot accumulating. The whitish coating you do see on the glass is usually caused by high temperature silicone out gassing. Always check the manufactures recommendations as to how they recommend their glass to be cleaned. Particularly if the glass is still under warranty.

Flitz polish in a small tube

Materials Used:

Instructions and Application

1. On the gas fireplace insert we cleaned, first we did not run the flame for an hour or so. Then take off the glass panel and let it cool to room temperature.

2. We first cleaned the inside of the glass with a glass cleaner and dried with a soft paper towel. Use a glass cleaner that contains no ammonia .

3. Left on the glass was some carbon soot marks that did not easily come off with the glass cleaner and the white film that you see in the photo. The glass cleaner did not remove the white haze. Take some Flitz polish directly from the tube and apply it to your gloved hand. Applying polish with gloves helps to keep your hands clean and spreads the polish evenly on the glass. You may also apply it on a soft cloth or better yet a microfiber cloth.

4. Rub the Flitz on in a circular pattern being careful to get it along the edges of the glass and in the corners.

5. Allow the Flitz to set and work for a few of minutes but do not let it dry. Take a soft clean cloth or paper towel and remove all the paste residue. You will notice the Flitz comes off easier than even the glass cleaner does. You know the glass is clean when you feel no drag on your cloth or paper towel. if you prefer you can even just use the Flitz polish and skip the glass cleaner step.

6. If the film remains in a some areas, reapply the steps above until the glass is clean to your satisfaction.

7. Wipe again with a clean micro fiber cloth and re-install the glass onto the fireplace.

If you have any brass trim on your fireplace use Flitz on that too. Its an easy way to shine that up too while you’re at it.  A microfiber cloth is a great to have around for wiping down the fireplace insert front. It polishes the brass, wipes out finger prints and traps dust like nothing you have ever used. It grabs and holds dust in. It does not spread it around like ordinary cloths do. It wipes glass streak free too.

Gas Fireplace Insert Before Being Cleaned & Polished:

Gas fireplace insert before being cleaned

Before and After Close-ups:

Gas fireplace before cleaning Gas fireplace after being cleaned
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Flitz is safe to use because it is a non-flammable water based product. It is also classified as a non abrasive non toxic polish.”


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