Polishing a silver plate butter dish using Wenol

November 25, 2008 · Filed Under Wenol 

In this polishing tip an antique silver butter dish made by F B Rogers brothers will be restored using Wenol Metal Polish.

Wenol metal polish tube
Materials Used:

Instructions and Application :

1 Squeeze a small amount of Wenol Metal Polish from the tube and apply it in six or so dabs about the size of your small finger on to the cover of the butter dish. Spread polish evenly with the finger tips of your nitrile gloved hand and use the Fuller Horse Hair Detail Brush to get the polish into the finial on top of the cover.

2. Let the polish stand for about 3 to 4 minutes and then polish with the finger tips of your gloved hand.

3. Wipe off the polish while still wet with a soft cloth. Old t-shirts are fine but a better choice is a microfiber cloth. Re-apply following steps 1 & 2 if needed. Buff to the desired sheen with the soft cloth of your choice.

4. Follow the same procedure for the butter dish base. If you find that the surface of your silver has a heavy build up of tarnish, rub the polish longer not harder. Time elapsed to shine this butter dish was about 10 to 12 minutes.

Before and After:

Rogers butter dish before being polished Rogers butterdish after polishing
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : Wearing nitrile gloves not only keeps your hands clean, but also puts the polish on economically. Most people use too much polish, a little goes a long way. Let the Wenol Polish do the work! “


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  1. Paul Broughton on August 7th, 2011 6:27 pm

    Is wenol good to clean cymbals and drum hardware?

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