4 easy steps to restore the shine of an aluminum window with Autosol Metal Polish

October 26, 2008 · Filed Under Autosol 

In this polishing tip a mill finish aluminum window is restored using Autosol Metal Polish.

Autosol Polish in Tube

Materials Used:

Instructions and Application :

1. Apply a small amount of Autosol on the finger tip of your nitrile glove and spread on the surface of the aluminum window sash and balance. Let it sit there a minute. In hard to reach areas it may be helpful to use a small horsehair brush to get the polish into and out of tight areas. You may also want to tape off the glass areas with low tack painters tape. This will help to speed the glass clean up after the window is polished.

2. Scrub the Autosol polish in lineal  motion with 0000 steel wool parallel to the window glass.  Wearing gloves will keep your hands clean as the tarnish that lifts will be black and get your hands dirty.

3.Wipe off the polish residue with a paper towel and repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the corrosion, dirt and grime is lifted off the aluminum parts to your satisfaction.

4. Buff to a high shine with a microfiber cloth.

This mill finish window is about 30 years old and had never been polished. The corrosion and years of dirt and grime took a little elbow grease to get off,  but as you can see the results in the photos below, the effort was well worth it. The window came out looking great and it is way cheaper than replacing the window.  If ever in doubt, it is always the best policy to try polishing an area in an inconspicuous spot and see if you like the results. If you are unsure if your window has a coating on it, rub a little polish on it in a spot  hidden from view. If no black residue appears, chances are that it is coated and will not polish. Also use caution when using any polish around paint as it may dull some surfaces. Check with your window manufacturer for cleaning recommendations for your windows. Buy Autosol polish by clicking here.

Please note, if your window has an anodized finish, Autosol makes a polish especially formulated to do optimum cleaning without harming the surface called Autosol Anodized Aluminum polish. You can buy it buy clicking here.

Before and After:

Aluminum before shining with Autosol

Aluminum window before polishing with Autosol

Aluminum window after shing with Autosol



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