How to polish an old Schlage exterior brass lockset with Simichrome

October 17, 2008 · Filed Under Simichrome 

This polish instruction tip will show you a how to restore a 30 year old Schlage exterior keyed lock set that had never been polished so that it looks shiny and new using Simchrome Polish.

Simichrome Polish in a tube

Materials Used:


1. Apply a small amount of Simichrome polish about the size of a dime and spread it evenly over the entire outside surface of the Schlage lock .

2. Let the polish stay on the lock for a few minutes.

3. Take a pad of 0000 steel wool (the finest grade) and unroll a 2 to 3 inch piece and tear off.

4. Gently rub the polish in a small circular motion on the face of the lock where the key hole is.

5. Using the same steel wool gently rub the Simicrome around the bell knob and back escutcheon plate.

6. Wipe off excess polish with a paper towel.

7. Apply a dime size dab of Simichrome polish directly on the steel wool and re-polish the entire lock.

8. Take a clean paper towel & remove the remaining polish flipping the paper towel frequently.

9. Buff the lockset with a microfiber cloth to a high shine mirror finish. Simichrome will leave a film on the lock that is not greasy. This retards corrosion and tarnish so your lock will look better longer. Elapsed time to shine lock set was under 15 minutes.

Before and After:

Unpolished Sclage lock set Schalge lock after being polished with Simichrome
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “If you would like to lengthen the time between polishes up to six months, use Flitz Faucet & Fixture Wax on the door knob. It does not attract dust, will not wash off in the rain and protects against fingerprints and acid rain.”


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