How to polish a bronze floor lamp with Wenol Metal Polish

September 25, 2008 · Filed Under Wenol 

In this polishing tip an antique style bronze floor lamp will be restored using Wenol Metal Polish.

Bronze plated floor lampMaterials Used:

Instructions and Application :

1 Squeeze a small amount of Wenol Metal Polish from the tube and apply it in 10 or so dabs about the size of your small finger on to the base of the lamp. Spread polish evenly on the lamp with the finger tips of your nitrile glove.

2. Let the polish stand for about 3 to 4 minutes and then polish with the finger tips of your gloved hand. Use a Fuller Detail Brush to work the polish into the tight areas where base meets the lamp pole.

3. Wipe off the polish while still wet with a soft paper towel. Re-apply following steps 1 & 2 if needed. Buff to the desired sheen with a micro fiber cloth. Time elapsed to polish the base was about 10 minutes.

4. Follow the same procedure for the lamp pole and shade arm.

Before and After:

Base of a bronze plated floor lamp Plated bronze floor lamp base
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : Wearing nitrile gloves not only keeps your hands clean, but also puts the polish on economically. You may also of course use a soft, dry cloth to apply the polish. On tough stains, rub slightly longer – NOT HARDER. Let the Wenol Polish do the work! “


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