Polishing a brass flag pole bracket with Simichrome Polish

September 3, 2008 · Filed Under Simichrome 

This polish instruction tip will show you a quick and easy way to keep your brass flag pole bracket, poles, bases and ornaments looking shiny and new using Simchrome Polish.

Simichrome Polish in a tube

Materials Used:


1. Apply a small amount of Simichrome polish about the size of a dime and spread it evenly on the bracket.

2. With a soft paper towel rub the entire bracket with the polish and remove excess.

5. Buff with a microfiber cloth to a high shine. Simichrome will leave a film on the bracket that is not greasy. This retards corrosion and tarnish so your bracket will look better longer. Elapsed time to shine this 6″ brass flag pole bracket was under 5 minutes.

Before and After:

Brass flag brcket Brass flag pole bracket
Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “You also can polish your brass flag pole, flag pole top ornaments & flag pole bases using the same procedure. You will get equally good results on interior or exterior brass poles and even parade poles and accessories. Do not use on coated or anodized aluminum items.”


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