Polishing instructions using Simichrome on a misson coat hook

August 29, 2008 · Filed Under Simichrome 

In this polishing tip an antique mission style coat rack hook is restored using Simichrome Metal Polish.

Simichrome Polish in a tube


Materials Used:


1. Apply a dab of Simichrome to the finger tip of your nitrile glove about the size of a dime.

2. After applying the polish rub it evenly over the entire surface of the coat hook.

3. Use a Fuller detail brush to get into the tight areas and square openings of the casting.

4. As the brass is only plated onto the cast iron of this hook, rub gently so as not to damage the finish. Do Not use anything like steel wool on plated brass materials as you may take the finish off, especially if it is worn or damaged.

5. While the polish is still wet, remove all the Simichrome with a paper towel and buff to the desired sheen with a micro fiber cloth. As this is an antique piece, the idea is to just clean and polish the hook so that it looks good, not shine it to a brilliant mirror finish.

Before and After:

Mission style coat hook Mission style coat hook



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