Episode #4 – How to Polish a Stainless Steel Roller Using Autosol

August 18, 2008 · Filed Under Autosol 

In this polishing tip we polish a stainless steel roller using Autosol Metal Polish. The tutorial includes detailed work instructions and best practices.

Materials Used:

Instructions and Application

1. Apply Autosol Metal Polish from the container to the finger tip of your nitrile glove.

2. Rub the polish on evenly over the surface you wish to polish and let sit for a couple of minutes.

3. Take a micro fiber cloth and rub off the polish. Flip the cloth to a clean spot and buff to the desired sheen.

4. The polish leaves a thin film that will help protect the roller from corrosion. This can be wiped off or washed off if you do not want it to be on the surface of the roller.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Autosol cuts down-time and increases machine run-time. It is the only mirror finish metal polish specially formulated for the plastics industry. “

Autosol polish is commonly used to polish thermoforming molds, injection molds, blow molding molds, extrusion dies, extrusion chill rolls, etc. Autosol has been made since 1929 and the manufacture claims that it lasts 4 times longer than other metal polishes.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Autosol also restores the mirror finish on aluminum and hard chrome plated steel rollers. It is non toxic, environmentally friendly and has very low ammonia. High concentrations of ammonia can cause long term stress cracking in metals.”

Before and After:

Steel Roller Before Autosol Polish Steel Roller After Autosol Polish


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