Protecting your bicycle & light generator set with Flitz Waxx Protectant

August 14, 2008 · Filed Under Flitz Polish 

This polishing tip instruction gives directions for the use of Flitz Waxx Protectant on your bicycle & its lights and generator parts. Fltiz Waxx Protectant is a very easy to use. Its main purpose is to give your bike and its parts protection and a high shine. It is a water based formula that contains White Carnauba and Beeswax that gives nine months protection from fresh water and six months protection from salt water. If you ride in all kinds of weather or by the sea, you know how important this is.

Huffy bicycle generator set

Materials Used

Instructions and Application :

  1. Pump the wax directly from the bottle onto a micro fiber cloth and wipe on to your bike and its parts.
  2. Work in a small area at a time and rub the wax on.
  3. Flip the micro fiber cloth from time to time and polish to a high shine.
  4. The Flitz Waxx Protectant will remove rust, fingerprints, water stains, tree sap and even salt deposits.
Flitz Waxx Protectant
Polish Guy Tip

Polish Guy Tip :“Flitz Waxx Protectant can be safely used on all painted surfaces, gelcoat, clearcoat and lacquered surfaces. As well as on fiberglass


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