Episode #3 – How to Polish Silverware using Cape Cod Polishing Cloths

July 30, 2008 · Filed Under Cape Cod Polishing Cloths 

In this polishing tip we polish silverware using Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths. The cloths are individually packaged in an attractive tin that includes a pair of reusable gloves and a buffing cloth.

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Materials Used:

Instructions and Application :

1. Remove a pre-moistened Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloth & rub tarnished silverware gently. For tougher jobs rub harder.

2. Wipe polish off while still wet with the enclosed buffing cloth.

3. Return the polish cloth into the packet and place in can for future use. The polish cloth can be used over and over again however discolored it becomes.

4. After buff drying your silverware, wash with a mild detergent, rinse and dry. This will not reduce the shine or protection.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths have the polish pre-applied to them and have a pleasant vanilla fragrance. Should any of the cloths become dry, a few drops of mineral spirits or vegetable oil will revitalize them. “

Optional – Use of a Cape Cod Detail Brush and Microfiber Cloth.

1. If any polish remains in intricate detailed embossed patterns of your silverware, use a Cape Cod Horse Hair Detail Brush, to clean it right out. The horse hair brushes are soft and gentle, an effective way to help get the most from your polishing effort.

2. For a mirror finish shine use a microfiber cloth and rub briskly.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths have an anti-tarnishing formula, which significantly stretches time between required polishing. The cloths work well on silver, gold, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, aluminum & stainless steel.”

Before and After:

Silverware before using Cape Cod Polishing Cloths Silverware after using Cape Cod Polishing Cloths


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