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July 14, 2008 · Filed Under Flitz Polish 

Using Flitz polish on knives and cutlery is very popular. There is an excellent video  by Cutlery Lover Productions that is running on YouTube. Knife Care and Maintenance : Flitz Polish It is a bit lengthy but shows good technique and makes strong points on knife safety that can not be emphasized too much. It is that single time that you lose your concentration that causes those nasty cuts.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : I would recommend that you wash any cutlery or other item that may come in contact with any food or beverage. A good way is to use some warm soapy water, rinse and then dry the item.

However as stated in the video that all polishes are toxic may be an over statement. In fact, “Ollie” ( Ulrich Jentsch ) President of Flitz International, claims that his polish is perfectly safe and not harmful, on his dealer training videos. Neither he or I would recommend that you eat it, but Flitz does in fact sport a USDA label on its Flitz Metal, Plastic & Fiberglass Polish and Paint Restorer. I believe Flitz may well be the only polish that does have it. The Flitz 2 pound can has the USDA Authorized label printed right on it. The Flitz 1.76 andFlitz 5.29 ounce tubes have it printed on the box or blister packaging. So you may not see the label on tube itself. Flitz polish that is in tubes is not a liquid as stated in the video, it has the consistency more of toothpaste. There is in fact a Flitz Liquid Polish, but it is packaged in a bottle. On the label on the back of the new black bottles toward the bottom by the bar code is printed USDA Authorized.
A last thought on keeping safe ( in case you need a reminder ) is an interesting post on “The Leading Edge of Knife Discussions”, posted by DRider . An entry including a picture, post emergency room visit, of what can happen to you with a sharp knife blade. Honey… could you come in here? Now?


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