My can of Simichrome polish is not full

June 28, 2015 · Filed Under Simichrome · Comment 

From time to time we hear of this issue that the small cans of Simichrome polish are not filled to the top. Sometime back the manufacturers of Simichrome  started to affix a label on the top of the can that read ” Filled by Weight”. The small cans of Simichrome polish contain 8.82 ounces of polish coming from the factory. Thus the weight of the can you receive with contents would weigh right about  11.8 ounces.  You can buy this polish from our recommended online source


Simichrome polish used to restore & upkeep rare Nortons

April 25, 2015 · Filed Under Simichrome · Comment 

Thanks to Mike for sharing a photo of his bikes. “…just looking for some Simichrome polish that I have used for 30+ yrs now on my Norton motorcycles. I use it religiously and keep my Norton’s clean and put on a new coat before every show and after a week of riding. I am sending you a picture of my babies. One on the right is a 1967 N15cs 750cc Norton. The other one is a 1969 Norton Commando S model.” If you would like some Simichrome for your bike, please consider buying it from our recommended supplier


26 years experience polishing wheels with Simichrome

April 14, 2015 · Filed Under Simichrome · Comment 

Sometimes I feel that it is best to have an end user describe their metal polishing technique. You can’t argue with the success that this user  has had using it this way for nearly 3 decades. “Thanks for sending my order of Semi-Chrome polish out so quickly. I have attached a photo of the reason I bought the polish. The wheels on my 1989 Mustang have a chrome area on the outer rim. I use semi-chrome polish to polish the chrome area, and then I put a coat of auto wax on the chrome to protect it for as long as possible. I have had these wheels for 26 years now. I find myself polishing the wheels 3-4 times a year.”

1989 mustang chrome wheel

More uses for Wenol red & blue metal polishing compounds

April 4, 2015 · Filed Under Wenol · Comment 

Always nice to hear from users of metal polishes as to what their favorite is and what they use it for.  Here is what we heard recently about Wenol polish.

” I was introduced to Wenol at the “Reno Rumble” last fall. I have used it to polish my aluminum wheels on the RV and also to take some scratches out of the clear coat on a cargo door. “

You can find Wenol in tubes and economy size cans for purchase by clicking here.

 Wenol Red & Wenol Blue Polish

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