Cleaning Case Hardened Steel Machinist Tools with Simichrome polish

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In a lot of machinist tools we came across a L. S. Starrett Co. No 160 set of Tool Makers  Steel Clamps. These 2″ clamps are usually found in pairs and were used for layout work or holding work securely in drilling and other such operations. This tool has a smooth case hardened finish, so Simichrome made quick work of cleaning it up. All we used was a little dab of Simichrome right from the tube, about the size of a pencil eraser, and spread it evenly on all surfaces with our fingers. A good trick is to protect your hands with nitrile gloves. That way they stay not only clean, but spread the polish very effectively with no waste.  Simichrome is a bit pricey, but it works very well and a little goes a long , long way. On the knurled surfaces of the screw handle and treads, we used a horse hair detail brush to get the polish worked into the crevices. Once applied, just wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth such to get results like you see in the picture below. If you would like to buy some Simichrome polish for your self, click here to buy it from our recommended Simichrome polish distributor.

L S Starrett No 160PG

Cleaning a rosary with Flitz polish

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If you ever feel the need to clean your old well used rosary, you should try Flitz polish. The small rosary pictured below was one given over 50 years ago to a child for her first communion.  As happens with this type of item, after years of use it was put away for safe keeping in a treasure box. Decades later it was easily restored to its original beauty with little effort using some Flitz so that it could be passed onto another very special child. Flitz is a good choice for this type of restoration as it is water based and does not cake up in the crevices and teeny tiny details of such a small intricate rosary. Just follow the simple directions on the container. You can purchase Flitz from our recommended supplier by clicking here.


Where to buy Faucet Brite & other polishes recommended by California Faucets

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Do you have a California Faucet? Depending on the finish different polishes are recommended by the manufacturer to maintain your faucet’s finish and not void any warranty. To maintain all finishes, California Faucet tells you to wipe your faucet after every use with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth, to prevent water spotting and mineral build up. Clean & wax regularly with their recommended “Faucet Brite” polish as it contains not only a gentle cleaner but also leaves a soft wax finish. Faucet Brite is a hard to find item that can be purchased on line by clicking here. For their living finishes, California Faucet suggests you use Renaissance Wax instead. In general they say when cleaning your faucets to stay away from abrasive and agressive chemicals such as soft scrub, ammoniated products such as as window or tile cleaners, bleach or abrasive cleaning pads.
As with any finish on a kitchen or bath fixture, don’t let water sit on them for a prolonged period of time, nor collect around the base of the faucet.
If you have not cared for your nickel finishes on a regular basis, California Faucets recommends using a stronger cleaning agent such as Flitz or Semi-Chrome. You can buy Simichrome & Flitz from our recommended supplier by clicking here.
To review California Faucets cleaning recommendations for its powder coat, nickel, 24K gold, PVD & living finishes, click here to go to their website.

 FaucetBrite  renwax

Making a custom sharpening stone to polish gouges to a mirror finish with Autosol metal polish

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autosoltubepgThis post is a review of a youtube video that was sent to us by a customer done by Crimson Custom Guitars. A link at the end of the post will bring you to this video which we recommend you watch in its entirety. The video of 15 minutes is well done and shows the theory of sharpening any metal cutting surface. One of the most interesting parts is at about the 10 minute mark of the video where Ben Crowe shows you how to make a custom stone out of soft wood. It is an ingenious idea that works remarkably well with the use Autosol metal polish as shown. To see the video click here. To buy Autosol metal polish click here to purchase it from our recommended Autosol online distributor.

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