Same Autosol polish used by industry will shine your chrome & aluminum

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How widely used a product is, often is a reflection on how good it is. We recently received this e-mail from an old Autosol polish customer.

” I have used Autosol for a long time. My son used it where he worked to clean rollers that made plexiglass.  I use it to clean up old chrome and aluminum on old motorcycles. Best thing I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a bunch. I’m glad you have it because I use a lot even tho it takes very little. ”

Take a look at the Harley Davidson bike he uses it on ! Why not order some Autosol polish from our recommended supplier by clicking here.


Can you use Flitz polish on a copper farm sink ? Paste or Wax + ?

July 24, 2015 · Filed Under Flitz Polish · Comment 

We often field questions such as the above, and/or how long will it last, does it work good against  hard water? Although we often know the answer, we will still most likely contact the manufacturers rep just in case their has been either a change in the formula or because of a specific unique problem that is in the inquiry.  This question was pretty straight forward and answered by the Flitz rep as follows. ” Yes, you can and it should last for up to 6 months. You can even used Flitz paste polish for more stubborn stains as long as the sink does not have a clear coat or lacquer finish.” If in doubt we always think it is best policy to contact the manufacturer of the sink and see what polish they recommend, especially if a warranty on an expensive sink is involved. You will often see Flitz Wax recommended. Don’t let the Wax word confuse you, it is a very good  water based creamy cleaner good for removing fingerprints, makeup, hairspray, soap and lime deposits. You can buy a bottle of Flitz Wax + from our recommended online vendor or read more about it by clicking here.


Getting good results from a tube of Simichrome bought 35 years ago

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Two questions that come up all the time, how good is Simichrome polish and what is it’s shelf life. If this is not a a great answer to these questions, I don’t know what is. ” I just wanted to tell you what a great product the Happich Simichrome polish is. I’m an avid shooter, collect knives, and generally polish all kinds of tarnished items. A little bit goes a long long way. I bought a 1.75 ounce tube of the simichrome polish back in 1979 or 1980. I’ve been using that same tube until it went empty on 5/22/2015. I don’t know of any other “wet” type cleaning product that you could keep using the same tube for over 35 years and keep getting great results. I even took a picture of the tube, but couldn’t attach to this communique. I just had to say something. I kind of felt like I lost an old friend when I finished the tube. Still can’t throw the empty tube away, we been together too long. lol! Thanks for a great product. ”  Since this tube was purchased the tube color has changed but not much more. Same great product, same great results. Don’t buy a good polish, invest in one. Shop for your polish at


Salt spray on aluminum, how to polish?

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We put this question to the Flitz rep a few weeks ago that came through our e-mail. “I’m trying to bring back some aluminum back that is in an engine room of a boat that initially looked like glass.  But we had a water pump blow and it sprayed salt water all over the aluminum.  I was wondering what you would recommend for trying to buff the pits out of the aluminum and bring it back.” The reply from the Flitz rep was as follows : ” He can use Flitz paste polish with bronze wool pad #0000 ( NOT STEEL WOOL )  it will leave rust. Put it on buff it out with the bronze pad then buff with buffer or absorbent cloth like a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Do it in small areas at a time.” The only caveat I would add is try this in an inconspicuous spot and see if you like the results and where you can practice to get a feel for the job at hand. Also is the problem with pitting depending how deep it is. Polish usually will only return the shine at best, not remove pitting in my experience.

 Flitz metal polish

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