Making a custom sharpening stone to polish gouges to a mirror finish with Autosol metal polish

July 26, 2014 · Filed Under Autosol · Comment 

autosoltubepgThis post is a review of a youtube video that was sent to us by a customer done by Crimson Custom Guitars. A link at the end of the post will bring you to this video which we recommend you watch in its entirety. The video of 15 minutes is well done and shows the theory of sharpening any metal cutting surface. One of the most interesting parts is at about the 10 minute mark of the video where Ben Crowe shows you how to make a custom stone out of soft wood. It is an ingenious idea that works remarkably well with the use Autosol metal polish as shown. To see the video click here. To buy Autosol metal polish click here to purchase it from our recommended Autosol online distributor.

My favorite picture of Bernice Madigan as she nears 115 years old

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I have seen many pictures of Bernice Madigan, but this is my favorite to date. This week she will celebrate her 115th birthday on July 24th. With at least two other people over 100 in this small Berkshire town of Cheshire, it must be something about fresh country air that keeps them going. Makes everyone else in town just feel like kids. Is this a great picture or what? Update, Mrs Madigan has indeed reached her 115th birthday. This makes her the oldest resident of Massachusetts and 5th oldest in the world.





Pamper your bagpipes with Autosl polish.

March 28, 2014 · Filed Under Autosol · Comment 

We are always interested in hearing about uncommon uses for metal polishes that we review. In an e-mail received last week, we were told by a young lady that she had heard about Autosol polish on one of the bagpipe forums she follows. She decided to try some on her bagpipe’s nickel  ferrules.  I am happy to report to you that she feels it worked great for her application. If you would like to try some too, just click here to get some Autosol quickly from our recommended  online supplier. They ship most anywhere in the USA.

Scratches on your iPod Touch bothering you ?

March 21, 2014 · Filed Under Autosol · Comment 

From time to time we get e-mails asking if we think one type or another polish will remove scratches from shiny Apple products like iPods etc. While we do not have any first hand experience, we did come upon an interesting video posted on YouTube for just such a question. It is a video put up by bananalicks that has had some 268 thousand views. He uses Autosol metal polish in this video to take out scratches in his iPod Touch. His technique is good, judge for yourself if you would want to try it. Our only suggestion would be for you to try it  an inconspicuous spot to see if you like the results the polish would give you. Autosol polish can be purchased from our recommended supplier by clicking here. You can find bananalicks video by clicking  here.

Polish Guy Tip Polish Guy Tip : “Don’t ever use tooth paste to polish your iPod. That would NOT be a good idea.

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