26 years experience polishing wheels with Simichrome

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Sometimes I feel that it is best to have an end user describe their metal polishing technique. You can’t argue with the success that this user  has had using it this way for nearly 3 decades. “Thanks for sending my order of Semi-Chrome polish out so quickly. I have attached a photo of the reason I bought the polish. The wheels on my 1989 Mustang have a chrome area on the outer rim. I use semi-chrome polish to polish the chrome area, and then I put a coat of auto wax on the chrome to protect it for as long as possible. I have had these wheels for 26 years now. I find myself polishing the wheels 3-4 times a year.”

1989 mustang chrome wheel

More uses for Wenol red & blue metal polishing compounds

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Always nice to hear from users of metal polishes as to what their favorite is and what they use it for.  Here is what we heard recently about Wenol polish.

” I was introduced to Wenol at the “Reno Rumble” last fall. I have used it to polish my aluminum wheels on the RV and also to take some scratches out of the clear coat on a cargo door. “

You can find Wenol in tubes and economy size cans for purchase by clicking here.

 Wenol Red & Wenol Blue Polish

Inexpensive removal of red paint mark from a Ford Escape bumper before and after pics

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If you have ever had a parking lot mishap like this, you probably think its a trip to the body shop. The cost is on you because of your deductible. If you have a tube of Wenol polish around, why not try it?  You really can’t make it any worse, you were going to take it to the body shop guy anyway. So we started by doing a quick wash on this section of the car to get off the road dirt and grime. Then applied a little dab of Wenol polish onto a paper towel and rubbed it on the red paint transfer marks. We tried to keep right directly on the paint marks that were transferred as all we wanted to accomplish was to take off the marks to make it look better. You will need to apply some pressure to get the marks to lift, but Wenol did it for us. It took us about 10 minutes to get the bumper looking like it did in the middle picture. The red you see in the bottom of the bumper in that  picture is just the reflection of the tube of Wenol in the polished bumper after we rubbed it down with a microfiber cloth. The black marks left on the bumper is where the original paint was removed by whatever had scraped the car. Those can be touched up to of course. You can go to YouTube and watch videos all day for tips on touch up paint. If you have some Wenol metal polish hanging around give it a try. A tube of Wenol costs some where around ten bucks depending on where you buy it.  If you would like to buy some, why not order it from our recommended source for it WenolPolish.com


Collecting pressed pennies in the USA

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So…I really like to hear from anyone that has a use for any metal polish that is out of the normal things you tend to think about using it for. I would like to thank Karen for telling me about a hobby that  was unknown to me. AND for sharing pictures of a pressed penny. Now, I have seen these machines along the Mass Pike that you put a penny in and it presses a logo of one of the Boston sports teams or Cape Cod etc, but little did I know that not only do people have large collections of these but that also there are a number of clubs and news letters such as the Elongated Collectors . You can visit their website by clicking here , if you want to delve into this hobby a bit. While some collectors only want to use uncirculated coins, many want to use pre 1982s because of the higher zinc content. So you are starting with an old penny that has been God knows where and in many cases putting it through a pressing machine that has dirty rollers…well you get the picture. So what is often done, is to after the pressing,  wash it with a solution of vinegar & water, maybe even use a little Bar Keepers Friend. Then to finish off the shine, Karen uses Autosol metal polish. As she states “ The first picture is before the polish and the second picture is afterwards. You can signal planes with it now!!!!!!!!!  I now have polished over 200 pressed pennies with your polish and still have most of the tube of polish left.”  I think this is a great hobby, that I would like to get my grand kids into. It’s inexpensive, something they can do on their own, and when they go to Disney and other venues, a really nice souvenir. Check the before and after pics below. If you would like to try some Autosol metal polish, please buy it from our recommended supplier by clicking here.

 pressedpenny  pressedpenny1



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